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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

At Life Juggling, we teach life and business skills through visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic techniques.

In other words, we juggle. Learn more.

Bring Karl to your organization!

“We met Karl Hale on a cruise and he blew us away with his juggling skills and his unique ability to mold juggling into metaphors for life! You will be entertained, you will be amazed, and most important, you will learn life skills!”
Richard and Linda Eyre,
N.Y. Times #1 bestselling authors

“Karl was amazing in his ability to not only entertain us with his juggling, but also in teaching us to juggle as well. Even the most stubborn and “I don’t have time for this childishness” among us were up and juggling in no time. And the parallels between juggling and success provided new creativity and energy as we returned to our jobs. Thanks Karl!”
Kevin M. Marett, PhD, Professor and former Director,
School of Social Work, Brigham Young University

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High Energy at UVU Conference on Addiction

Friday I presented at the Conference on Addiction at Utah Valley University and came away thoroughly inspired. There is so much good happening in the world and so much more to be done!

The 200 counselors, therapists, students, and administrators who came to my session were thoroughly engaged and the energy was intense. We had a great time exploring the power of juggling in the areas of therapy and rehabiliitation and really raised the roof when we juggled an elephant or two.

I have dozens of great people to follow up with. I’m looking forward to discovering with them how juggling will change their lives and the lives of their clients.


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